There's sooooo much junk in the world...

It's totally ruining the view, not to mention the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.  But, maybe worst of all, it's changing how we see the world.  It's lowering our expectations for the things we build, and buy, and use.  From buildings to boots, the things we make should get better with use, not worse.  When they start to wear we should be able to fix them, not throw them away. 

But it also matters where things come from, who makes them, and what impact that process has on that place and those people.  It's complicated, yeah?

So, what should we do then?  Well, what would happen if we applied these principles to how we make the things we need, without cutting corners, without shifting the burden onto other far away places and other far away people.  What would that look like? 

I'm not so sure myself.  Although, if you combined it all with an obsessive need to make, for some reason, the world's finest all purpose footwear, and threw in a really great collection of cardigans, I reckon it'd all look a bit like this. ✌︎

Greg Morgan
founder, maker, sweeper, designer, emailer, etc.