Step 3: Women's Made To Measure Form

Use this form to build your pair.  Once received, we will review it, answer any questions you have, and create a build order for you.  Construction begins once you are happy with the proposed build and submit a deposit.  Construction time can vary, however if this is your first MTM pair from us (ie, you're having the lasts and patterns made) expect at least an 8-10 week timeline to ship.  If you have already had lasts and patterns made, expect something closer to 6 weeks.  These times are subject to change, but we will alert you to this prior to taking your order.

Returns/Refunds:  As we will be working to your specifications, we do take a non-refundable deposit prior to beginning construction, however, in dozens (more?) of pairs made, we have yet to have an issue with the fit on a specific pair.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

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Model *
Last Building *
This is the process by which a standard Ryaton last is modified to your exact measurements. This is a one-time set up fee that will cover the lastbuilding fee on any pairs of Ryaton footwear that you order in the future, provided that the style you choose is compatible with your lasts. In essence, we build up a pair of lasts to your measurements, with your name on them, and you don’t have to pay this fee for subsequent pairs.
Test Fitting Pair *
An initial, fitting pair will be made to test the new lasts and/or pattern. Typically this pair is worn for a week and adjusted if necessary. Once an acceptable fit is achieved, construction of the final pair will commence. This is a temporary pair that will be destoyed in the adjustment process. As many subsequent test pairs as desired can be ordered.
Leather *
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Sole *
Sole Edge Finish
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