Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  when will the next batch be available?

A:  Typically new batches are made available a few times per year.. it seems that we're unable to predict when with any precision.  Sign up for our mailing list to hear from us as soon as we do know.


Q:  Do you make a women's version?

A:  Yes.  Samples continue to trickle out as we refine the design.  Look for them in the webstore under the "women's" category.  Eventually complete batches and a made-to-measure / made-to-order option will be available.

Q:  Do you wholesale?

A:  Maybe - get in touch and let's talk. 

Q:  Do you do any design, custom, bespoke, made-to-order?

A:  Yes!  All of our offerings are available in a made-to-measure / made-to-order format, with a range of options and price points.  We also offer a wide array of design, pattern-making, material sourcing, and prototyping services.  More information is coming to the website soon, but for now please contact us for more info.

Q:  Do you do private label manufacturing?

A:  Not at this time, however, we are generally open to collaborating in a variety of ways, contact us for more details.